Couples counselling can take many shapes and forms - while some couples want to work towards a better relationship together, or to work through the consequences of an affair, others may wish help separating in the most amicable and positive way possible.

Crucially counselling provides a safe place to get to the root of any relationship issues that may be adversely affecting the couple and keeping them stuck in a negative cycle. In most cases, counselling can help you find a productive way forward.

As an experienced couples counsellor I work to support both individuals as a couple, encouraging each person to reflect and take responsibility for their own choices and actions. This often helps couples to gain confidence in communicating, both listening and expressing themselves effectively within their relationship.

Working together, I help couples to develop strategies that support the many demands on a relationship, be they work, children, family or finance.

Clients come to me from Tonbridge, Marden, Goudhurst, and Lamberhurst 

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