Family counselling can help improve communication and understanding of each other by bringing people together in a safe and supportive environment. 

Counselling a family unit means giving time to both the group and individuals, allowing people to speak freely about issues or anxieties in a space free from criticism and rejection. The key to positive change as a family is this open communication, so everyone is able to understand how others are feeling and how this affects the dynamics of the group as a whole. 

Seeing different members of the family at different times can often help the work with families. Sometimes it can help to have a few Couple Counselling sessions as part of the work. 

When the real issues are uncovered and understood we can develop a strategy to cope with them, the family can then move forward positively, with renewed respect for each other.

My counselling room is close to Matfield, Five Oak Green, Pembury, and Collier Street.

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